Laney Brown Passes Away

Christmas was bittersweet for West Reading, Pennsylvania, this year.

Laney Brown turned 8 on Dec. 20. Her birthday wish? To hear carollers outside her house, filling the air with the sounds of the holiday.

The community came together the next night with close to 10,000 people filling the small street in front of her house, singing classic Christmas and holiday music together. Laney, battling a rare form of leukemia, was too weak to come to the window, but she posted a message on Facebook, letting everyone know she could hear them singing and thanking them for making her wish come true.

Laney passed away on Christmas Day, surrounded by her family and friends. Though she is gone, the joy that she brought to the community, and the lesson of love she imparted, will linger in the hearts of those who lifted their voices to raise the spirits of this remarkable little girl.

And her legacy lives on through the non-profit foundation her family started to help families coping with pediatric cancer. Visit Laney's Legacy of Hope to learn more.