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Last Notes to His Loved Ones / Nick Ehrhardt

Last Notes to His Loved Ones

David Welch's last days were spent reaching out to the family he'd never see again.

In early September, the Kansas man was driving alone through the Utah desert when he lost control of his van, crashing into a ravine. Welch survived the crash, but he was injured and trapped, unable to escape his van. The crash site left him out of view of passing motorists, with no hope of rescue.

At some point, Welch died of his injuries, and it wasn't until this week that he was found – noticed by a passing hitchhiker who glanced down into the ravine. Authorities received his body and were able to notify his frantic family of his fate.

It's a sad story as is, but it becomes even more poignant when we learn what it was that Welch did to occupy his final hours. He wrote love notes to his family, saying goodbye to his wife and four sons.

The contents of the notes haven't been released, but we hope Welch's last words were able to bring some comfort to his loved ones.

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