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Nathan Henn, Volunteer Killed in Uganda

Invisible Children

Nathan Henn, Volunteer Killed in Uganda

When FIFA awarded South Africa the 2010 World Cup, many worried that the tournament would be marred by violence and crime. Happily, it wasn't, a testament to the organizers' good work.

But on the final day of the World Cup, problems on the African continent made their presence felt, albeit thousands of miles away, in Uganda. And now that pain is being felt in the U.S., as a family mourns the loss of a brother and son.

American aid worker Nathan Henn was among the 74 killed by twin bombings in Uganda, the blasts targeting crowds gathered to watch the World Cup final on TV.

A former college rugby player and volunteer for the not-for-profit aid group Invisible Children, Henn had traveled back to Uganda with a Ugandan native who was visiting relatives. Henn was reportedly on a rugby field adjacent one of the targeted establishments, playing with some of the children he'd formerly mentored, when he was hit by shrapnel from the explosion.

"Nate's legacy is the pursuit of peace and a future for the children of Uganda and the Congo," said a family-issued statement appearing on the Invisible Children website. The family is asking that donations be made to a memorial fund started in Nate's honor. "We glow with pride at the man he was, and while we mourn today, we will celebrate him forever. We hope people will feel compelled to join his legacy and support others to live this life of service.

According to their website, Invisible Children "uses film, creativity and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony's rebel war and restore Northern Uganda to peace and prosperity."

In a terrible twist to the story, Nate's brother Kyle was nearly killed flying to join his family when the plane he was aboard crashed en route. He walked away from the accident, but the crash killed the pilot and left another passenger in critical condition.