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Parents Give Away $100K in Daughter's Memory

The Carroll Family

How one family is keeping their toddler's spirit alive

For two-and-a-half years, Larry and Carrie Carroll shared special moments with their daughter, Savannah. According to Larry, these included little things, like an unexpected cookie, or a walk on the beach on a regular Tuesday afternoon together with "Savvy."

Those shared moments ended in April 2014, when Savannah went to sleep with a slight fever and never woke up. Savannah's death was an unexpected blow to the Carroll family, but they soon channeled the pain and loss into an idea that turned grief into a once-in-a-lifetime surprise for another little girl.

Out of their tragedy, the Carrolls created the Savannah's Stolen Moment Campaign. They invited friends, loved ones, and anyone moved by Savvy's story to donate in her honor, and planned to use the money to create an amazing "Stolen Moment" for a family of strangers. This past month, they put their plan into action, according to Yahoo News, and traveled to Savannah, Georgia, to find a young girl worthy of Savannah's gift.

After a day of searching, the Carrolls found her, at an indoor recreation center outside of town. The girl, Isabella, introduced herself and played with the Carrolls' son. Two hours later they were still playing, and Larry and Carrie approached Isabella's mother with their offer. Isabella's life changed that afternoon, and now Larry and Carrie are planning to do it again next year for another unsuspecting girl somewhere. Larry Carroll told Yahoo, "Every April — the month Savannah died — we'll start fundraising and every November right before Thanksgiving we'll find another family. That's how we'll keep our daughter alive."

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