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"Princess Lacey" Inspired MSU Spartans / Nick Ehrhardt

"Princess Lacey" Inspired MSU Spartans

Lacey Holsworth died Tuesday, April 8, at her parents' home in Michigan after a long struggle with cancer. Holsworth, just 8 years old, was well-known to fans of Michigan State University basketball, thanks to her inspiring friendship with power forward Adreian Payne. The two met in 2011 after Holsworth, affectionately known as "Princess Lacey," was hospitalized and Payne paid her a visit. The two became fast friends, with Payne dedicating his efforts on the court to Lacey, saying in a recent post-game interview, "Just knowing that when I play well, it makes her happy. It feels like I'm doing something, in a way, to make her feel better."

According to The Associated Press, at Michigan State's Senior Night this year, Payne picked up Princess Lacey and carried her around the court when it was his time to be honored, and did it again after Michigan State won the Big Ten Conference tournament. She also accompanied him to a recent slam-dunk competition, where Payne and Lacey served as judges.


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