Remembered by Nancy Sinatra

It's not every day that an international celebrity goes to an obituary from one of's newspaper affiliates and signs the Guest Book. But the late Ronald J. Joy was special.

The photographer, who died Sept. 29, 2013, worked with many of the greats of yesteryear, from his favorite subject, Elizabeth Taylor, to many of her contemporaries, including Elvis PresleyDean MartinNatalie Wood, and Frank Sinatra. It was Sinatra's daughter, singer-actress Nancy Sinatra, who paid a visit to Joy's obituary

Ms. Sinatra left a note in Joy's Guest Book, offering her condolences to his daughter. She also sponsored the Guest Book to keep it online permanently. And she submitted a photo, a memory of a man who was, as she said, a big part of her life. 

Ronald J. Joy not only photographed great stars – he also worked with them on films as a 40-year member of the Director's Guild and as a producer. And his obituary offers a fantastic glimpse into the Hollywood he was a part of.