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Update: Bodies Recovered From AirAsia Jet / Nick Ehrhardt

Update: Bodies Recovered From AirAsia Jet

On Wednesday photographs were published of AirAsia Flight QZ8501's fuselage. The debris currently resides at the bottom of the Java Sea. The recovery team must now decide whether to attempt to raise the entire fuselage using large balloons, or have dive teams recover individual bodies.

For the victims' families the news stirs up mixed emotions. Nunung Nursiah, whose brother Saiful Rakhmad was the plane's flight engineer, told CNN, "On the one hand, I was so, so sad to imagine the possibility of my brother being inside there. But on the other hand, I also felt relieved that if he is inside there, then there will be an opportunity for us to see him again for the last time."

Since the disappearance of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Sunday, Dec. 28, hope has given way to grief. But with that grief has come some measure of closure. Funeral services have been held for many of the 50 victims so far recovered, and with the discovery of the fuselage, families hope to be able to properly say goodbye to the rest of the 162 people who perished on the flight.

Earlier this week the plane's flight data and cockpit voice recorders were recovered from the wreckage. Data collected from these black boxes will help investigators piece together what happened to the plane less than halfway through its scheduled two-hour flight. For many of the victims' families, hope now focuses on getting answers to lingering questions.