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How Not to Screw Up

Since Jan. 1, 2015, I’ve been interviewing one person each day about the meaning of life. Mostly total strangers. The Meaning of Life Project is my way of sharing what I've learned.

Working for, I think a lot about life and death. All the daily reminders that our time is limited prompt me to appreciate each moment—and each person’s perspective—in a new way. That’s what inspired me to start The Meaning of Life Project, a series that gives me an amazing excuse to skip the small talk and ask people really important life questions. What advice do they have for a baby? What advice comes from experiences they might wish to change? What do they think the meaning of life is?

This month, I got lots of collective wisdom on how not to screw up your life. Most of the advice was pretty much what you’d expect—listen to your parents, go to school while you’re young, make smart choices on the people you spend time with, etc. But I also got insights that were fun, fanciful (and just as important as the more traditional answers). People offered tips on how to gain confidence, different scales for measuring success, and what cosmic signals to pay attention to. I am deeply indebted to the free thinkers, poets and prophets who shared their time and wisdom with me for this project.

Kim Evenson is's Chief Marketing Officer. The inspiration for the Meaning of Life Project was born from the company's mission of preserving life stories and sharing important lessons.