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The First 30 Days / Peter Lorimer

The First 30 Days

Since Jan. 1, 2015, I’ve been interviewing one person each day about the meaning of life. Mostly total strangers. The Meaning of Life Project is my way of sharing what I've learned.

This time last year, I was interviewing for a job with The idea of working for a company dominant in online obituaries was not immediately attractive. 

But as I met the company’s staff and learned more about their mission, that started to change. Legacy’s mission isn’t just to host obituaries — it’s to be that singular place where you can find every person’s story and extend the reach of each life. There’s something a touch immortal about that.

Working here, I’m more grateful for each passing day. I hug my kids a little tighter, am a little better at making time for friends, and understand the need to value wisdom in a different way. That’s the mood the Meaning of Life Project was born from — to better understand the meaning of life and to build our collective learning on how best to live these days we are given.

In that spirit, I set out to create what would become the Meaning of Life Project. I began conducting one interview each day, focusing the interviews around big questions (What advice would you give to a baby? What would you change if you could go back? What is the meaning of life?) that I hoped would reveal important life lessons. The answers I've gotten have reminded me again and again of the human magic that exists behind our relationships. 

So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share with me their gifts of insight and advice. Below, I've shared some of the treasures from the first 30 days of interviews.

Kim EvensonKim Evenson is's Chief Marketing Officer. The inspiration for the Meaning of Life Project was born from the company's mission of preserving life stories and sharing important lessons.