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Quiz: Dick York or Dick Sargent?

Published: 9/4/2013

The makers of television shows wish we wouldn't notice when a character is played by two different actors. It's still the same guy! So what if he looks a little (or a lot) different? Of course, we TV audiences are smarter than we look, and we can tell when a beloved character suddenly has a new face – such as when Dick York (who was born 85 years ago on Sept. 4, 1928) left Bewitched and Dick Sargent took over as Darrin Stephens opposite leading lady Elizabeth Montgomery. The two men didn't look much alike, but the name coincidence was cute and they both played Darrin well, so we've forgiven the show's producers and the switch has become a fun pop culture footnote.

Fans of the classic TV sitcom can surely tell one Darrin from the other, but can you tell one actor's life from another? Take our quiz and find out. We'll give you a sentence that could have been spoken by one of the two men, and you determine who could have said it: Dick Sargent or Dick York?

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