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Published Date: 12/4/2014
Any animator will tell you that a good vocal performance truly brings a cartoon character to life. Some actors enjoy the opportunity to go to work without worrying about makeup, while others have made a career of voicing world-famous characters while enjoying a life of...
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Published Date: 11/20/2014
They say that everyone has a story. So why not turn that story into a screenplay? Of course selecting the right director for the material is essential. Which of the all-time great directors could capture the essence of your experience? Who would direct the movie of...
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Published Date: 11/13/2014
Take our quiz and see if you can match the comedian with his funny "last words."
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Published Date: 11/11/2014
Check out the slideshow of some of our favorite celebrities who served in the military. Can you identify the famous face in uniform?
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Published Date: 11/4/2014
For three decades, curmudgeonly "60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney ranted about this, that and the other. We've assembled eight great Rooney quotes in one quiz. Take the quiz and see if you can tell what Rooney was ranting about.
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Published Date: 10/29/2014
For many of us, Public Broadcasting Service is the quiet channel on the dial, the one we tune into when we want to learn a thing or two. Over the years PBS has had many memorable hosts who have broadened our horizons and spurred our curiosity. They may have been quiet,...
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