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Who Is the Greatest Movie Monster?

Published: 10/28/2014

What kept you awake all night under the covers with a flashlight when you were a kid? Were you scared of Dracula's bite, or the Wicked Witch's evil cackle? The most terrifying monsters aren't the ones created with modeling clay or computer-generated-imaging special effects – the scariest are the ones most like us, the ones who remind us that there is a little monster in all of us.

For Halloween Legacy.com pitted the classic creeps of the silver screen against each other in a battle to find out which one still has the power to chill you to the bone! The votes are in, the people have spoken and decided who – or what – is the most monstrous of all time.

And the winner is...

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster in the 1931 classic Frankenstein directed by James Whale

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