For 18 days in the winter of 1974, Angelina Alioto was one of the biggest news stories in the country.

Here at Legacy, we occasionally highlight obits for interesting figures whose passing might have largely escaped national media attention.

When she died of heart failure June 17, 2010, 94-year-old Angelina Alioto had long been out of the media spotlight. But for 18 days in the winter of 1974, she was one of the biggest news stories in the country.

Alioto, the first lady of San Francisco, was at a fundraiser for her husband, Mayor Joseph Alioto, who was running for governor. She got up to use the restroom and disappeared for over three weeks.

The police were notified and a 5-state bulletin was issued for her recovery. Her husband, in the midst of a gubernatorial primary, had to suspend his campaign while he worried over her return.

But return she did, safe and unharmed.

At a joint news conference with her husband, she announced that she had gone missing to "punish" him for neglecting to introduce her during a fundraiser in Palm Springs.

"He didn't consult me when he ran for mayor and he didn't consult me when he decided to run for governor," she told the New York Times in 1974. "I have never felt included in the big things and I'm getting tired of it."

Mrs. Alioto had spent most of the 18 days touring California missions, figuring no one would think to look for her in a church.

The couple divorced in 1975.