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Remembering Raymond Burr (video)

Paul Drinkwater / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A video tribute to the iconic TV star.

Raymond Burr remains one of the most popular TV actors of all-time. Viewers felt like they knew him from his iconic roles as lawyer Perry Mason and detective Robert Ironside. He was, by all outward appearances, a typical Hollywood star. He attended public events with starlets like Natalie Wood on his arm, and gave generously to charity. However, there was a side of his life that he felt America and Hollywood wasn’t ready for at the time. Burr was gay, and remained in the closet until his death in 1993.

We now have a fuller picture of his life, and although he did not live it openly, his was a life filled with love. We remember Raymond Burr both as a great actor and fascinating man.