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The Golden Globes Quiz

Legacy.com / Nick Ehrhardt

The Golden Globes Quiz

Awarded each year by the Hollywood Foreign Press, the Golden Globes honor the best achievements in film and television. Prepare for the awards show broadcast by testing your knowledge of Golden Globes history! (To see answers, scroll past the videos.)

1. In what year were the first Golden Globe Awards given?
a. 1929
b. 1944
c. 1961
d. 1955

2. Which actor holds the record for most Golden Globe competitive (not honorary) awards, with eight wins?
a. Meryl Streep
b. Charlton Heston
c. Jack Lemmon
d. Angela Lansbury

3. What movie won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (Drama) of 2011?
a. The Help
b. The Descendants
c. Moneyball
d. Hugo

4. What is the most recently added Golden Globes category?
a. New Star of the Year
b. Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
c. Best Foreign Language Film
d. Best Animated Feature Film

5. The Cecil B. DeMille Award is a special honorary award presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry. Which of these greats has NOT received a Cecil B. DeMille Award?
a. Lucille Ball
b. James Stewart
c. Yul Brynner
d. Judy Garland

While you work on your answers, here are a few clips of historic moments at the Golden Globes…

Audrey Hepburn accepts the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1990

Paul Newman accepts the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1984

Laurence Olivier accepts the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1983


OK, now for the answers. Are you a Golden Globes Know-It-All or a Newbie? Check your score, and then be sure to watch the show… you never know what might show up on next year's quiz.

1: b. The first Golden Globes were presented in 1944, though they weren't nationally televised until 20 years later.

2: a. Meryl Streep has the most competitive wins with a total of eight. Including honorary awards, Barbra Streisand has the most with nine Golden Globes to her name.

3: b. The Descendants also won George Clooney a Golden Globe for Best Actor (Drama).

4: d. When Best Animated Feature Film was added as a new category in 2006, Cars was the first winner.

5: c. Lucille Ball won in 1979, James Stewart in 1965, and Judy Garland in 1962.