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Women's History Month: Legacies & Life Stories

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Discover the inspirational true lives of remarkable women both famous and unknown


The Most Fascinating Women Who Died in 2018

We are inspired by these women's incredible life stories.

How Women Dressed 100 Years Ago

These striking photos reveal what #dresslikeawoman meant in 1917.

Women of NASA

Women have always been part of America's space program.

18 Women Who Fought Passionately for Human Rights

These women shone their lights on the world and did their best to make it a better, brighter place.

Women Have Always Directed Movies

21 remarkable female filmmakers from the past 100 years of movie history.

All-Female Rock Bands, We Salute You

"Chicks with guitars, rocking": a simple idea that took years to take root.

The Best Women Who Ever Played Baseball

We pay tribute to some of the greatest players in baseball history, from the Negro Leagues to the AAGPBL and beyond.

First Ladies

Many American women have served as FLOTUS...

14 More Mighty Women Whose Bold Lives Will Inspire You

Celebrate Women's History Month by getting to know these amazing life stories.

The New York Times is Retroactively Publishing Great Women's Obituaries

The "Overlooked" series seeks to correct historical biases in reporting.

These 23 Women Who Died in 2017 All Changed America

23 women who rewrote the rules and opened doors to tomorrow...

The First Brave Woman Who Alleged "Sexual Harassment"

Before there was #MeToo, there was Carmita Dickerson Wood.

Famous Faces of Breast Cancer

Seeing the real people who died of breast cancer reminds us that the disease touches us all.

Great American Women

Meet 30 women who made America great in the first place.

The Most Fascinating Women Who Died in 2016

25 women whose names you may not know, but whose talents, accomplishments, and perseverance inspire.