Faces of the Fallen

On Memorial Day, we pause to remember members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have died fighting for our country. From the first wars that gained our independence to the current conflict in the Middle East, brave men and women have given their lives in battle.

More than 6600 service members have died since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began more than a decade ago. It can feel like an overwhelming number, and sometimes it's easy to gloss past the individual names and faces of those who have died. But, of course, each one of those individuals is worth remembering. Their stories, their pride in serving, their smiles – these are surely the things their families are thinking of today as they mark another Memorial Day without their loved ones.

As we tip our hats to all who have fought and died, we look at a few of those proud faces. Today, we're featuring one service member from each U.S. state and territory who has died in Afghanistan or Iraq.

SPC Richard Gilmore (Photo via Together We Served)
GY SGT Christopher Eastman (Photo via Unknown Soldiers Blog)
PVT Jonathan I. Falaniko (Photo via Arlington National Cemetery)
SPC Richard Gilmore
GY SGT Christopher Eastman
PVT Jonathan I. Falaniko
American Samoa
SGT Elijah Tai Wah Wong (Photo via National Guard Association of Arizona)
SGT Freeman L. Gardner (Photo via Freedom Remembered)
SFC Daniel R. Scheile (Photo submitted to his Guest Book)
SGT Elijah Tai Wah Wong
SGT Freeman L. Gardner
SFC Daniel R. Scheile
SGT Faith R. Hinkley (Photo via The Pueblo Chieftain)
SSG Ari R. Cullers (Photo via Connecticut's Wall of Honor)
L CPL Richard Z. James (Photo via USA Today)
SGT Faith R. Hinkley
SSG Ari R. Cullers
L CPL Richard Z. James
MAJ Kevin M. Shea (Photo via United States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates)
SPC Clarence Williams (Photo via Tampa Bay Times)
CPL Jonathan R. Ayers (Photo via Freedom Remembered)
MAJ Kevin M. Shea
District of Columbia
SPC Clarence Williams
CPL Jonathan R. Ayers
SGT Iosiwo Uruo (Photo via Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes)
PFC Cwislyn K. Walter (Photo via Nooniefortin.com)
L CPL Kenneth E. Cochran (Photo via Idaho Press-Tribune)
SGT Iosiwo Uruo
PFC Cwislyn K. Walter
L CPL Kenneth E. Cochran
PVT Dewayne L. White (Photo via Ft. Campbell Courier)
SFC Marcus V. Muralles (Photo via Arlington National Cemetery)
CAPT Matthew G. Nielson (Photo via Fort Hood Press Center)
PVT Dewayne L. White
SFC Marcus V. Muralles
CAPT Matthew G. Nielson
PFC Richard Dewater (Photo via Topeka Capital-Journal)
PFC Sammie E. Phillips (Photo via Madison Courier)
SFC John Hennen (Photo via Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes)
PFC Richard Dewater
PFC Sammie E. Phillips
SFC John Hennen
PFC Clinton Springer (Photo via Wicked Local-Cape Cod)
CPL Jennifer M. Parcell (Photo via Soldier Wall)
SGT Nelson Ramirez (Photo via Daily Kos)
PFC Clinton Springer
CPL Jennifer M. Parcell
SGT Nelson Ramirez
PFC Charles T. Heinlein (Photo via They Have Names)
SSG Jerome Firtamag (Photo via Fort Campbell Courier)
MAJ Tad T. Hervas (Photo via Minnesota Public Radio)
PFC Charles T. Heinlein
SSG Jerome Firtamag
MAJ Tad T. Hervas
CAPT Kermit O. Evans (Photo via Cannon Connections)
SGT Milton A. Gist (Photo via Remembering the Fallen)
PO2 Charles V. Komppa (Photo via State of Montana)
CAPT Kermit O. Evans
SGT Milton A. Gist
PO2 Charles V. Komppa
PFC Eric P. Woods (Photo via Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes)
L CPL Richard A. Perez (Photo via Freedom Remembered)
SPC Justin A. Rollins (Photo via People Magazine)
PFC Eric P. Woods
L CPL Richard A. Perez
SPC Justin A. Rollins
New Hampshire
CAPT James M. Gurbisz (Photo via 604th Transportation Company)
CAPT Tamara Long Archuleta (Photo via WeaponsMan)
CWO David Ayala (Photo via Windy 25 Memorial Fund)
CAPT James M. Gurbisz
New Jersey
CAPT Tamara Long

New Mexico
CWO David Ayala
New York
PFC Amy Sinkler (Photo via Landstuhl Hospital Care Project)
PFC Sheldon R. Hawk Eagle (Photo via Freedom Remembered)
SPC Leeroy A. Camacho (Photo via Freedom Remembered)
PFC Amy Sinkler
North Carolina
PFC Sheldon R. Hawk Eagle
North Dakota
SPC Leeroy A. Camacho
Northern Marianas
L CPL Edward A. Schroeder (Photo via God's Marines)
SGT Buddy Hughie (Photo via Daily Kos)
SPC Andrew E. Lara (Photo via The Oregonian)
L CPL Edward A. Schroeder
SGT Buddy Hughie
SPC Andrew E. Lara
CPL Meresebang Ngiraked (Photo via Palau Embassy)
1SG Christopher D. Coffin (Photo via Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes)
SGT Jose M. Caraballo Pietri (Photo via Stars & Stripes)
CPL Meresebang Ngiraked
1SG Christopher D. Coffin
SGT Jose M. Caraballo Pietri
Puerto Rico
LTJG Francis Toner (Photo via U.S. Naval Institute)
PFC Satieon V. Greenlee (Photo via Stars and Stripes)
SPC Estell Turner (Photo via Military Times)
LTJG Francis Toner
Rhode Island
PFC Satieon V. Greenlee
South Carolina
SPC Estell Turner
South Dakota
PO2 Xin Qi (Photo via Corpsman.com)
1LT Laura M. Walker (Photo via American Women Veterans)
SFC Floyd E. Lake (Photo via Southern Maryland Online)
PO2 Xin Qi
1LT Laura M. Walker
SFC Floyd E. Lake
U.S. Virgin Islands
Jason R. Workman (Photo via WAVY.com)
SGT Jesse W. Strong (Photo via JesseStrong.com)
SGT Jack Bryant (Photo via Arlington National Cemetery)
PO1 (SEAL) Jason R. Workman
SGT Jesse W. Strong
SGT Jack Bryant
CAPT Daniel B. Bartle (Photo via Baltimore Sun)
SGT DeForest L. Talbert (Photo via Arlington National Cemetery)
SGT Louis A. Griese (Photo via Ft. Campbell Courier)
CAPT Daniel B. Bartle
SGT DeForest L. Talbert
West Virginia
SGT Louis A. Griese
AP Photo/David Zalubowski
CSM Kevin J. Griffin (Photo via KDVR.com)
AP Photo/David Zalubowski
CSM Kevin J. Griffin