World War II Veteran’s Inspiring Service

Just before Independence Day this year, America lost one more of the men who helped save the nation in World War II. Johnie Roseborough, 89, fought for a country where he was denied his civil rights because of his skin color. According to, Roseborough fought for four years as part of the “Red Ball Express,” delivering much-needed supplies to Allied troops in France, Belgium and Germany in the days and months after D-Day.

Roseborough was immensely proud of his service, wearing his World War II Veteran baseball cap everywhere but church, according to He served for decades as commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3746, keeping in touch with generations of soldiers coming home from fighting overseas. At his funeral last week, hundreds of veterans turned up to honor Roseborough’s service. Three of his great-grandchildren were in attendance, and in uniform, having followed their great-grandfather’s example and enlisted.

Ian Roseborough, Johnie’s 19-year old great-grandson, expressed appreciation for his great-grandfather’s sacrifices and service saying, “We knew some of what he went through, and we were proud of him. ... What would the world be like if it wasn’t for people like him?”