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Getting Into Genealogy

Published: 10/7/2013
Flickr Creative Commons/FreeWine

Getting Into Genealogy

Are you interested in delving into your family history and tracing your genealogy? You may have heard that October is Family History Month. Perhaps television shows like Genealogy Roadshow and Who Do You Think You Are have piqued your interest, or maybe you just want to find out if those family stories about Great-Grand-Dad are really true.

We've collected the best resources, tutorials and getting-started guides to help you begin your genealogical research. You might be surprised what you find out!

As you do your research, be sure to search the database of obituaries at Obits often provide facts that makes it easier to locate other public records: maiden names, dates and locations of birth and marriage, parents’ names and information that you won’t find in public census records.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons/FreeWine

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