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Buddy Rich, World's Greatest Drummer

Published: 4/2/2012
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Buddy Rich (Wikimedia Commons / William P. Gottlieb)

Buddy Rich was a jazz drummer, one of the best ever: when he performed, he was billed as the "World's Greatest Drummer" and it was no joke. He began playing publicly when he was just 18 months old – an age when most of us are focused on figuring out how to walk straight. But he didn't peak as a child star. His career blossomed and grew over the years, and he played with jazz greats like Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Les Brown, and many more. When he died, 25 years ago today, the jazz world lost a star.

For anyone who thinks jazz is boring, check out this Rich drum solo. His stick-trick (a special technique for super-fast rolls) and great charisma put some of today's rock 'n' roll drummers to shame.

Written by Linnea Crowther

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