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Famous Fathers Quiz

Published: 6/16/2013

Who is this famous father and son pair? (GAB Archive / Redferns / Getty Images)
Who is this famous father and son pair?
(GAB Archive / Redferns / Getty Images)

There's nobody who inspires us quite like dear old Dad. Most of us learn from our fathers – some dads show us how to fix stuff or how to cook, some share the value of a good credit score or the best place to field foul balls at our local ballpark, others teach us how to play guitar or who to trust when you're buying a car.

Some of us even follow in our fathers’ footsteps when it's time to choose a career. A doctor whose daughter goes into medicine; a plumber whose son takes over the family business; a third generation baker or teacher or lawyer – time after time, children pick up, professionally-speaking, where Dad left off.

And famous families are no different. John Lennon’s sons Sean and Julian have followed their father’s musical path. Actor Lloyd Bridges' boys Jeff and Beau both became actors. TV producer Aaron Spelling's daughter Tori found fame on television. Woody Guthrie's son Arlo is a folk favorite like his father before him. They all took inspiration from dear old Dad, and they're just a few of many.

Think you know famous fathers and their celebrated sons and daughters? Take our Father’s Day quiz and test your knowledge of celebrity dads and kids.

NOTE: The quiz is now closed. More than 19,000 participants took it, finding singing family Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole easiest to identify (97% got it correct), while actress Natasha Richardson and her director dad Tony Richardson were the hardest (only 50% knew the answer). Thanks to those who took the quiz!

Oh, and one final note... that's Hank Williams Sr. with little Hank Williams Jr. above. Dad passed along the musical gene!

Written by Linnea Crowther

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