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From fantasy author Terry Pratchett to crime novelist Ruth Rendell, the UK has lost many great writers and artists this year. Join us as we remember the authors, journalists, historians, artists and arts leaders whose deaths were mourned in the United Kingdom in 2015.
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Published Date: 4/27/2015
They sent chills down our spines and made us jump at things that go bump in the night … They are the kings and queens of horror, the men and women who made monster movies so memorable – and so scary. How much do you know about the scream queens and masked men who have...
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Published Date: 4/11/2015
Kurt Vonnegut wrote great characters – and he was a bit of a character himself. A favorite of the counterculture and known best for Slaughterhouse-Five, the novelist died April 11, 2007. In the 84 years that preceded that day, he wrote some great books, did some weird...
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Published Date: 4/3/2015
On the date of Harry Morgan's birth and Larry Linville's death, take our test and find your M*A*S*H match.
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Published Date: 2/14/2015
Dick Francis wrote what he knew, and what he knew was horse racing. As a champion jockey with more than 350 wins under his belt, Francis knew the world of horse racing inside and out. After retiring from the sport of kings, he turned his attention to writing, turning...
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Published Date: 1/31/2015
Author Norman Mailer, who would have celebrated his 92nd birthday Jan. 31, was a literary giant before his death and remains one long after. The acclaim began with his first novel, 1958's The Naked and the Dead, and continues today, more than seven years after his...
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