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Published Date: 3/26/2015
Geraldine Ferraro made history in 1984 as the first woman on a major party's presidential ticket, running for vice president alongside fellow Democrat Walter Mondale. Largely forgotten, however, is that she also was the first Italian-American nominated by a major...
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Published Date: 3/25/2015
Singer-songwriter Buck Owens scored 21 No. 1 country hits during his 61-year career, propelling Owens into the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. A pioneer of the California-inspired Bakersfield Sound, Owens was equally at home in...
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Published Date: 3/24/2015
With a career spanning more than 50 years, actor Robert Culp built a very diverse body of work. From early work in Westerns to sci-fi, spy thrillers and comedies, he was at home in practically any genre. We remember Culp's life today as well as the lives of other...
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Published Date: 3/23/2015
Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor once said, "Everything makes me nervous – except making films," and making films was something she excelled at. The two-time Oscar-winner, known for her acting skill as well as for her striking violet eyes, spent six decades in front of...
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Published Date: 3/22/2015
Animator William Hanna picked up seven Oscars and eight Emmys for his work with Joseph Barbera. The two collaborated on classic series like "Tom and Jerry" and formed their own animation studio, producing some of the most-beloved cartoons of the 1960s. Their characters...
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Published Date: 3/21/2015
Dack Rambo was a frequent guest star on shows throughout the 1970s and '80s, eventually landing larger roles on the soap operas "All My Children" and "Another World," as well as the prime-time ratings juggernaut "Dallas" as Jack Ewing. In 1991, Rambo announced he was...
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