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Published Date: 4/27/2015
Vicki Sue Robinson will always have a place in the hearts of dance music fans, thanks to her irresistible single "Turn the Beat Around." Before she entered the disco scene, Robinson was an accomplished Broadway actress, making her debut at age 16 in "Hair." She would...
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Published Date: 4/23/2015
Though our physical characteristics vary widely, humans in general share 99.9 percent of the same DNA. It's the .1 percent that gives us our differences. And thanks to recent advancements in DNA science, people can now discover potentially life-changing information by...
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Published Date: 3/26/2015
When N.W.A.'s debut album, "Straight Outta Compton," came out in 1988, it struck a nerve not only within the rap community, but also with young people of all stripes, while their parents worried that it glorified violence, drugs and misogyny. The group kick-started the...
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Published Date: 1/16/2015
Ethel Merman had one of the biggest voices around, belting out songs like "There's No Business Like Show Business" and "Everything's Coming Up Roses" – and reaching the far corners of any auditorium with no need for a microphone. This legend of the musical comedy stage...
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Published Date: 1/15/2015
The discovery of bodies and aircraft parts in the Java Sea sheds light on AirAsia Flight QZ8501.
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Published Date: 1/12/2015
Maurice Gibb skyrocketed to fame alongside his brothers, Robin and Barry, as one of the Bee Gees. These disco superstars are known for their highly danceable hits, including "Night Fever," "Jive Talkin'" and "Stayin' Alive." But the brothers had range that went far...
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