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Published Date: 11/14/2014
Diem Brown, reality television star of MTV's "The Challenge," has died of cancer at 32. Brown's first fight with cancer began over a decade ago with her initial diagnosis of ovarian cancer. In the years since, Brown became a passionate advocate for cancer screenings...
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Published Date: 8/26/2014
Feeling totally '80s? Then this is the photo gallery for you. We're flipping through pictures of some of our favorite musicians from the '80s. Whether you liked punk or funk, pop, rock or a little bit of everything, we think you'll see some of your favorites here...
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Published Date: 3/17/2014
The first Jackson on MTV was not Michael. It was veteran rock disc jockey J.J. Jackson, who died March 17, 2004. He was one of the original five "video jockeys" who served as the faces of MTV...
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Published Date: 2/19/2014
Synthesizers and nonstop airplay on MTV made new wave the soundtrack of the 1980s. In honor of the great musicians who have died, we're turning up the volume on our Walkman music players and remembering some of that era's best and brightest.
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Published Date: 10/25/2011
Michael Jackson's masterpiece "Thriller" was made all the creepier by Vincent Price's spooky rap ...
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