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Published Date: 12/16/2014
This year pulled on our heartstrings with stories of heroism, strength and loss. From around the nation and the globe, we have gathered some of the most powerful stories to bring tears to our eyes this year. Share them with your own loved ones as we close the book on...
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Published Date: 12/9/2014
An obituary is a final chance to tell the story of someone's life … and some lives are absolutely fascinating. If you've never been captivated by an obituary, we challenge you to check out this collection of the most fascinating obituaries of 2014. Represented here are...
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Published Date: 12/2/2014
2014 was a year of incredible heroism, often found in the most unlikely places. This year brought stories of surprising generosity, heroes sacrificing themselves for loved ones, inspirational struggles with illness and decades spent quietly making the world a better...
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Published Date: 6/1/2014
Each year we lose a number of people known far and wide for their talents and accomplishments. Though these famous figures have died, their legacies live on and continue to inspire and bring joy. Join us as we remember celebrities who died in 2014...
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Published Date: 12/29/2013
Of the many notables who died in 2013, there are some whose stories and work will truly stay with us. Here are a few of the most noted people who died in 2013...
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Published Date: 12/26/2013
Nelson Mandela, Peter O'Toole, Annette Funicello, George Jones… the list of notable people who died in 2013 just goes on and on. As the year draws to a close, we're offering another tip of our hats with a very special section of our site...
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