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The 27 Club Quiz

Published: 9/18/2013

Jimi Hendrix (AP Photo)
Jimi Hendrix (AP Photo)


Twenty-seven is an unlucky number for musicians, it seems. For generations, popular musicians have dreaded joining the "27 Club" by dying at that young age – and dozens of them, unfortunately have. From legendary bluesman Robert Johnson in 1938 to singer Nicole Bogner just last year, we've lost so many musicians much too soon as they died at age 27.

Jimi Hendrix became a member of the 27 Club when he died 43 years ago today. Do you know which other musicians have died at age 27? Take our quick quiz and test your knowledge. We'll give you the names of a number of musicians who died at age 27 – and one who died at a different age. See if you can identify the imposter.


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Written by Linnea Crowther





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