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A Precious Gift for Grieving Parents

Published: 7/16/2014
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Sophia Steffel (Courtesy Nathen Steffel)

Sophia Steffel died last week, just six weeks after her birth, of complications from a liver tumor. She spent her entire life in the hospital, attached to tubes and wires, and that is how she appeared in every picture ever taken of her. That changed when Sophia's father, Nathen, posted Sophia's photo on, asking strangers to help by digitally removing all evidence of Sophia's illness. He hoped someone would create a single image of the infant for her parents to remember her by.

The response has been overwhelming, according to news. Thousands of messages of support and hundreds of photos have flooded the Steffels' inbox.

"It's kept me and my wife occupied reading all these messages," Steffel said, adding that the responses are "keeping our minds off things."

Sofia Steffel | Photo Gallery
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