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Published: 12/5/2014
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In a section of the newspaper that usually inspires tears - the obituary page - there are a few unique souls who would rather make us laugh. They're the folks who are remembered after their deaths with obituaries that are as funny as they were in life. Whether they wrote their own laugh-riots before they died or inspired their survivors to honor them with chuckle-worthy tributes, the people on this page have one thing in common: they had a sense of humor. We hope you'll smile as you remember them - it seems like that's what they would have wanted.

Johanna R. Scarpitti's Unusual Last Wish

Johanna Scarpitti's obituary begins with a phrase you don't often see in obituaries, but rest assured that it was her wish. According to her daughter, it has more to do with a shared love of movies than any comment about Scarpitti's character. Read more about what a character she was in her obituary.

source: Legacy

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