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Photo Gallery: The Wizard of Oz

Published: 1/17/2014

Seventy-five years after it was in theaters, The Wizard of Oz remains one of the most-loved movies of all time. In a world where it's easy to forget a blockbuster movie just a few months after its release, something has made The Wizard of Oz stick with us. Certainly, part of the movie's longevity is the timeless story… the beautiful, groundbreaking-for-its-time cinematography… the award-winning music. But perhaps most enduring are the performances – the people who brought Oz and its fantastic characters to life.

Ruth Robinson Duccini, the last of the original female Munchkins, died this week. With her death, only one of the original 124 Munchkin actors is still living. In memory of Duccini and all of the wonderful actors from the film, here is a look at the men and women of The Wizard of Oz. Click any photo for more info.

Wizard of Oz | Photo Gallery
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