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Published Date: 5/23/2015
Sterling Hayden is famous for his work as an actor, but Sterling Hayden, the world traveler and adventurer, is lesser known but just as fascinating. Dropping out of school at 16, Hayden went to work aboard a schooner, his first sea voyage in a lifetime spent on the...
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Published Date: 2/26/2015
For decades, schoolchildren the world over have learned about Anne Frank. The teenager who hid with her family from the Nazis, in an attempt to escape the concentration camps where she later died, has become a household name. From time to time, Frank's writing turned...
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Published Date: 1/27/2015
In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we're looking at unlikely World War II hero Oskar Schindler: a member of the Nazi Party who spied for Germany, a businessman always looking for an angle, and a husband who strayed and drank to excess. But his legacy...
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Published Date: 12/15/2014
Twenty years before Etta James made "At Last" her signature song, another artist recorded it for the first time. It was Glenn Miller, pioneer of big band music...
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Published Date: 12/10/2014
Seventy years after Sgt. Charles A. Gardner's last flight, the World War II airman's family was finally able to see him buried last week with full military honors.
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Published Date: 12/7/2014
Early Dec. 7, 1941, warplanes and submarines from the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, near Honolulu. Over 2,400 Americans were killed in the surprise attack, which the empire of Japan hoped would deliver a knockout blow to the...
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