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Published Date: 5/27/2015
If you've ever wondered when the sci-fi-tinged future will arrive, the answer seems to be that it's already here… or, at least, the genetic testing part of it is. The human genome, an inscrutable mystery just a few decades ago, has been fully mapped. In practical...
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Published Date: 5/16/2015
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Published Date: 5/14/2015
Actress Tamara Dobson starred in "Cleopatra Jones" and became an icon of the blaxploitation era, even though she only had a few film credits to her name. She made her debut playing opposite Yul Brynner in "Fuzz," and then almost immediately got the role that made her...
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Published Date: 12/28/2014
Who doesn't love a mystery? Detectives, whether they're police or private investigators, are some of the most beloved characters in all of television. For many fans there's nothing better than watching their favorite gumshoe navigate a twisted plot and nab the bad guy...
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Published Date: 10/19/2014
Most fans know Tom Bosley best from two great TV roles: on Happy Days, he played the fatherly Mr. Cunningham, and on Father Dowling Mysteries, he played a different kind of father – a mystery-solving priest. Bosley first made his mark on Broadway, winning a Tony Award...
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Published Date: 10/26/2013
Embedding a mystery series in the Navajo culture wasn’t just a device to sell books for Tony Hillerman. He immersed himself in Indian lore and landscapes since childhood...
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