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Lylton Andrew Collins
Orleans, LA
Lylton Andrew Collins, 1945-2005 Maria Montoya Staff writer "It was 'lead, follow or get out of the way' with ...
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Joseph Casamento
Joseph Casamento, 1925-2005 Brett Anderson Staff writer In 1925, Elena Casamento gave birth to baby Joseph above the famous ...
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     A Moving Tribute™ uses photographs, text, and audio in a special way to honor departed loved ones and friends. Moving Tributes™ for those lost as a result of Hurricane Katrina are available free of charge from Legacy.com

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    This site is intended as a place to remember and honor the lives lost in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Individuals listed are among those believed to have died as a result of the hurricane. Some obituaries received from Legacy.com newspaper affiliates are also included. In addition, there is a Guest Book for each individual. All Guest Book entries are free and are posted after being reviewed for appropriate content.