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Comedians Remember Patrice O'Neal

Comedians Remember Patrice O'Neal


Comedian Patrice O'Neal, who died Nov. 29, 2011, at 41 of complications of a stroke, was often described as loud and fearless. A hulking, 6-foot-4 man weighing at least 300 pounds, O'Neal was a large presence onstage and off, intimidating audiences of strangers as well as those closest to him with his cutting remarks. But most do agree that O'Neal, love him or fear him, was a unique talent. Legacy.com remembers the funny man, known best for his stand-up performances, with quotes about him from his fellow comedians:

Remembering Leslie Nielsen

Remembering Leslie Nielsen


Four years have passed since the death of Leslie Nielsen, one of cinema's greatest success stories. During his 62-year career, Nielsen played over 220 characters in more than 250 films and television programs, earning a reputation early as a serious leading man. However, his work in serious films such as "Forbidden Planet" and "The Poseidon Adventure" pales in comparison to the incredible comedic performances he gave in slapstick gag-fests like "Airplane!" and "The Naked Gun" films. Film critic Roger Ebert dubbed him "the Olivier of spoofs," and just like Olivier's work, Nielsen's set a high bar for those that followed. Take another look at some of his best work, see what others are saying about him today and sign his Guest Book. Surely, you will enjoy spending some time remembering Nielsen. (Photo: Leslie Nielsen, Getty Images)

The One and Only Bruce Lee

The One and Only Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee had a short life – he was just 32 when he died in 1973 – but what he accomplished in those 32 years is stunning, more than many do in a long lifetime. His great skill at martial arts led to his movie career, and he made several martial arts films that are now legendary, both for their exhilarating fight scenes and for the way he opened doors for other Asian-American actors to play serious and realistic roles. But Lee's groundbreaking acting career was just one of his accomplishments. He also was a respected teacher of martial arts who created a new martial arts discipline, Jeet Kune Do, and developed a compelling personal philosophy to accompany it. His legacy continued after his death with his son, Brandon Lee, also an actor and martial artist who died tragically young. Bruce Lee was born Nov. 27, 1940, we're remembering some of his greatest scenes and learning more about his life.

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