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George Hamilton IV
Country music legend...
Lonnie Lynn
Father of rapper Common...
Thomas Hale Boggs Jr.
Powerful Washington lobbyist and son of congressional royalty...

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John Ritter: In Good Company

John Ritter: In Good Company


Actor and comedian John Ritter died suddenly in September 2003 following a taping of his hit show "8 Simple Rules." Ritter was a staple of film and television for nearly 25 years. He made a name for himself on "The Waltons" and "Three's Company," where he proved himself to be one of the most capable comedic actors of his generation. His long career includes dramatic turns in films like "It" and "Sling Blade," showcasing Ritter's range as a performer. He also performed on Broadway. On the anniversary of his death, we take a look back at the lighter side of his legacy and all the laughter he brought during his life...

Remembering Mary Travers

Remembering Mary Travers


In a soft but strong voice, singer Mary Travers of the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary called for social change. The type of change could differ based on the audience, as she herself once noted in The New York Times about "Blowin' in the Wind," the Bob Dylan song her trio first made famous...

Buddy Holly Lives

Buddy Holly Lives


Rock 'n' roll pioneer Buddy Holly died in a tragic plane crash over 50 years ago, but his legacy lives on in the music he inspired during his brief but brilliant career. Today his sound can be heard in the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, the Rolling Stones and hundreds more guitar-powered pop and rock groups cranking out tunes three chords at a time in garages around the world. See how his groundbreaking music and enduring legend are remembered today.

What to Say – and Not Say – to the Bereaved

When someone you care about is grieving, it's hard to find the right words. Learn how to write a condolence note and get tips on providing comfort and support in times of loss.
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What You Need to Know Before the Funeral

Get expert advice on funeral and memorial service planning, funeral customs in different faiths, what to wear to a funeral, and more.
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How to Write an Obituary or Eulogy

Writing an obituary or eulogy can be a daunting task, but our experts are here to help. Get advice on what (and who) to include in the obituary, how to write a meaningful eulogy, and more.
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