Friday, April 18, 2014
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Remembering Mother

Remembering Mother

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting some recent Guest Book entries where users pay loving tribute to those special women in their lives. Join us in remembering all the wonderful mothers who live on in our hearts.

My memories are a lifetime of Love and Happiness. She was the best Mom I could ever have asked for. A mothers Love is the strongest and I always felt that from her no matter what, Thank you for that Mom. You will always be in my heart and when I think of you I will feel your Love again. Love you Mommy
-- Kevin Haines, son of Louise Marlene Haines

I just wanted you to know we are all thinking of you now as we always do. Even though you are not here physically we feel your presence more than ever. We know you are here during this special time and we love you so much! Thank you for all of the amazing blessings you are sending down to us. You are the best Mother created and we will never forget everything you did for us all. I love you with all my heart!! Love Always, Angel
-- Angel Hayes, daughter of Letha Geraldine Hansley

If there was ever an Angel that walked the Earth it would be my Mother, Jennie Jean,she was the best Mother I could have ever asked for; always supporting me in good times and bad. She had Love for her family, immediate and extended. Everyone who knew her loved her also. She was as kind hearted a person as there ever was. I'm going to miss her the rest of my life. She was always a big part of mine. I'll always Love you Mom.
-- Mike Anway, son of Jennie J. Anway

(rhett maxwell/Flickr Creative Commons)

Thank you so much for the gift you gave me 68 years ago, "the gift of life" It was the greatest gift I have ever received, a mother as beautiful and loving as you. I was always so proud to walk by your side hand in hand and have people know "THIS IS MY MOTHER" the the prettiest mother, the best wife, the best mother-in-law to both Susan and Carolyn, and great fiend to so many people in your life. Most of all the great grandmother you were to your grand kids. Now I know where the phase "GREAT GRANDMOTHER" comes from. All the years of hard times I went through, would have been a lot harder if You and Daddy were not by my side. I "I LOVE YOU BOTH" I will never forget how I felt when you would walk into my school for PTA meetings and my friends and teachers would tell me later how pretty and nice you were, but I already knew that.(sorry for the bad grades) I miss you and will always miss you and daddy. Please give everybody up there a hug and a kiss for me.
-- Philip Koboski, son of Angeline A. Koboski

If there could be a more wonderful mother-in-law in the world than Mary Blankenship, I would love to meet her. Mary was my mother-in-law for 43 years and I can honestly say that she was the BEST. We were as close as any mother and daughter and as our children, John and Julie have always said, "nana is the best grandmother in the whole world". The memories she and John have left with our entire family are unforgetable and sometimes I just wish we could re-live them......family trips to Phoenix to there home on Central Avenue, walking the yard before one of those incredible spaghetti dinners or steak and ribs cooked out on the grill, swimming and playing in the tree house, picking grapefruit, John, Julie and Caren playing "grocery store" in nana's huge kitchen pantry, looking at all of Mary's treasures in their home and always seeing something you had never noticed before, Mary feeding all of the yard cats so that none would go hungry, trips to the condos in San Diego, walking the beach and picking up shells, annual trips to Disneyland and SeaWorld (thus Mary's nickname of "Shamu", a name I have called her for years), eating breakfast at Tugs, walking to La Jolla for the day, flying in Dado's plane, the summer John and Mary took all of us to England and France, walks to the pub, the Eiffel Tower, trips to Las Vegas and the Golden Gate where every employee there cherished John and Mary's friendship and on and on and on...... We will miss you, Shamu!!! You will always be in our hearts. After all, you gave your heart to us.
Love always and forever, Camille
-- Camille Blankenship, daughter-in-law of Mary Emma Blankenship

Dear Mom,
Each night when I take the dogs out before bedtime, I look to the sky. First, I hope for a clear sky to see the stars. Then, I hope to see a shooting star, and that would be you. Love, Jeanne
-- Jeanne, daughter of Ruth Green-Cope

(FreeWine/Flickr Creative Commons)

Dear Mom,
You were the rock of this family, every holiday and every family gathering was all about you. You were the glue that held all of our pieces together. You were the best friend I ever had. You always understood everything. We are the luckiest family in the world, because we had you for so many years. We were very fortunate. I didn't expect you to go so soon, I was not ready to let you go yet. Maybe I would never be ready. I will miss calling you after work every night. I just loved hearing your voice on the other end of the phone. Hearing how you were feeling, and you telling me stories about your day. No one can ever fill your shoes for this family. We will all try to carry on, as you would have wanted. You were the best mother in the world and I love you with all my heart. You were the best part of my life. I know that you will be taking care of all of our friends and family up there, but save me a seat next to you. I will need you when I get there. Love you always, Linda
-- Linda White, daughter of Eulalia M. “Eukie” Brouillette (Ghostlaw)

I'm sorry I was not with you when you left this world. I tried.Thank you for being my Mom. You were the most caring and selfless person I have ever known or will know. Most of all, thank you for the example you set for me.I will never be able to meet the standard you set but I will do my best to honor both you and Dad. You said to be happy and celebrate when you finally embarked upon your final adventure. We will try to honor your wish, Mom, but please forgive us if we sprinkle a few, or many, tears into the mix. I miss you, Mom. I miss your loving smile and sparkling blue eyes. I miss our long-distance phone calls every Sunday. I miss our trips to Two Lights, sitting on the rocks and watching to sea you loved so much. I simply miss you and always will. Thank You especially for loving the love of my life, Darlene, like your own daughter. She in turn loved you like her own Mother. If possible, I loved you even more because of that. Good-bye my Dear Mother. Give Dad a big hug for me and tell Ricky that I have not forgotten him and that he is still my best friend. I'll Always Love You, Mom.
Your "Baby", Terry
-- Terry Clinch, son of Dorothy L. Clinch

My Dear Mother,
I despirately miss you Mom, today and for the rest of my days. I Thank You with my whole heart and soul for everything you have done for me, especailly the past 2 years, helping me recover from my back surgeries. I Thank You for accepting Donne into your life with open arms, and taking care of us. Mom, you were the most beautiful, kind, gentle, giving, and loving person, and I miss seeing your beautiful smile and the twinkle in your eyes. I promise to take care of your new pet Bella, just as you would. I Love you Mom with all of my heart and soul, and I know you are looking over me, guiding me to make the right decision in life. Thank You for all of your advice, our laughs, our cry's, and just our moments. Most of all Mom, Thank You for all your love. I cherish every moment I was given to spend with you. From the bottom of my heart, I Love You, I Miss you, and I will be seeing you soon. God Bless you Mom. Your Loving Son, Patrick
-- Patrick Hanna, son of Patricia Jean Hanna

I was 5. She took a simple glass applesauce jar and we dyed a bag of dried beans pink, filled the jar with the pink beans, wrapped the metal lid in tinfoil, and put the lid back on. We tied a blue ribbon around the jar. Then she made me a peanut butter sandwich and sat me with a glass of milk on a blanket in the sun and put the jar of beans next to me. It was the happiest memory of my childhood. I told her of this memory 2 weeks ago. It made her smile that I had remembered.
Sometimes it is the most unexpected and simple act of love that will stay a lifetime. I love you mom.
-- Lynda Brock, daughter of Mary Ruth Shaeffer

Mama Lula was my hero. She raised me to be strong, responsible and taught me about life. She inspired me to be the best woman I could be. She encouraged me to excel in life and motivated me to love family and cherish my heritage. She was the backbone of our family. She showed me the world by taking me and my sister all over the world. My life has been enriched by her loving care, love for God and her love for Granddad her husband. I pray that I will enjoy my life and live my life to the fullest as she did. She will forever be in my heart and will continue to look over me as I grow and mature. I will continue to carry her legacy and hope to live a long profound life as her granddaughter. I will miss you terribly and will see you again in heaven. I love you so much it hurts and will remember what you have taught me on my journey. When you meet Granddad in heaven give him a kiss on the neck for me. Rest now and know that we all will miss you and may God hug you for all of us.
Your beloved granddaughter,
-- Melanie Roberts, granddaughter of Lula M. Roberts

(jurvetson/Flickr Creative Commons)

To the best Mother in law in the world... You have always been my second mom even before I was your daughter in law... I pretty much called your house my second home because I spent so many hours there with Shannon and trying to chase down Ken... God has a precious angel with him now and I know you are watching over us... I have so many precious memories but the one that sticks out is the day we told you I was pregnant with Austin..... We cried together..... I will always love you....
-- Donna Ellis Clack, daughter-in-law of Marion Clack

Dear Joni,
I am having difficulty speaking to others about you because you’ve were such an important part of my life. I get choked up too easily as memories pass through my mind. It’s taken me a while to get this written because it’s so darnn hard to type with tears filling my eyes, but I know if I want to stop waking up crying about your death then I have to let some of these thoughts out. I recall when my dad asked me what I thought about him proposing to you. I answered, “Dad, if she makes you happy then ask her. All I want for you is to be happy.” I am happy you accepted! You came into the family and put flowers where there were none before. You became my stepmom, someone I counted on to be there for my dad, someone who was grandmother to my children, someone who showed me how important respecting nature is, someone who fought through tough battles like a trooper and when they were finished, smiled. Someone who was tender and thoughtful, kind and gentle and someone who loved without question. Joni, you’ve been there for my boys at each holiday, birthday, and celebrated their accomplishments. You’ve asked me questions about Benjamin that no one else has, this showed courage and concern, as well as, a desire to empathize. I am counting on you to continue your support from Heaven; he’ll need more angels watching over him. Both of my boys will. As I prayed this past Christmas at our family dinner, I never imagined you’d be there with us all for the last time linked hand and hand. I do know that your spirit will be with me always and I’ll be listening for your words always. I love you and have for as long as I’ve known you. God has always known how special you are, and we had a gift from him of you for only 59 years, it went so quickly. These tears I shed are not for you, for I know you are no longer in pain but experiencing the beauty of God’s kingdom to its fullest. These tears are for those of us that will no longer hear your voice when we call, or get that birthday card or see a new floral arrangement gracing the table. I cry for those whose lives will be just a bit emptier because of your passing. I grieve for Dad, he’s missing you terribly. I cry when Benjamin asks about you and when Garrett comforts me as I cry. I grieve for myself, how selfish, and for those here on Earth, those left behind, those still waiting for their mansion. May God bless you and keep you until we meet again. Love, Cathy
-- Cathy Campen, stepdaughter of Joan B. Oliver (Skut)

My Beautiful Mother and Best Friend...I'm going to miss our trips to the store, "beauty parlor" as you liked to call it and our lunches afterwards. What fun we had and how we talked & talked! And oh how you loved your first pedicure! The best compliment I ever got was that everyone says I look and sound like you. I aspire to be half the woman you were. There were no words unspoken, and for that I am truly grateful. I know you are happy with Daddy now, and he is taking good care of you. You are the best mom ever, and I will love you always. Thank you for making me the woman I am today…dream pretty dreams. Love you millions, your daughter Janet xoxo
-- Janet Samoska, daughter of Alvina “Pinky” Brownley

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