Remembering Mom

Remembering Mother

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting recent Guest Book entries where users pay loving tribute to those special women in their lives. Join us in remembering all the wonderful mothers who live on in our hearts.

My dear Kako jan, my dear mom, my angel and my muse. You have thought me how to live life fully, passionately, bravely and courageously, just like you lived yours.You are so dearly missed, more and more as time goes on. Mom all of my life I remember you as SIMPLY THE BEST. You are the best mom and friend. The best ever laughters were the ones shared with you.The best ever food, was made by you, the best ever new moons, were the ones seen by you, the best ever flowers, were the ones planted by you, the best ever vacations and family gatherings were with you and the best ever hugs and kisses were from you. Now the purest and most beautiful angel is simply YOU. I love you and miss you lots!
Love Sheila!
Mom please keep us under your wings.
-- Sheila Wahab, daughter of Sajida "Kakoo Jan" Maiwandi

Many people say there is nothing like a mother's love, and they are right. My mother was a wonderful person who showed love to everyone she came in contact with. She was caring and beautiful inside and out. She loved life, her family, and her friends. My mother taught me to do the same. She raised me to be a strong woman, just as she was. One of my favorite memories of my mother is when she would tell stories of when I was a little girl. Then, I saw in her eyes the love she had for me. The day before Mama was called to Heaven, she hugged me tightly, held me close, and said, "I love you, Baby Girl." No matter how old you are, you always are your mother's baby girl. I feel I should share with each of you to tell those you love that you love them every chance you get. You don't know what God has in store next. In the past few years, I have struggled with my faith, but as said in 2 Corinthians 4:16, "This is the reason we do not give up. Our human body is wearing out. But our spirits are getting stronger every day." I love you, Mama, but don't worry because I will see you again one day. Rest in Peace, my mother, my best friend, my beautiful angel. I know you are watching over us every day. Love Heather
-- Heather, daughter of Pamela J. "Nina" Folsom

We will sure miss you Mom, you passed on your legacy in so many ways. I learned my European way of knitting from you. When I pull out my sewing machine and remember the countless hours I watched you sew. I however did not get my cooking skills from you . . . what can I say?
-- Moni Butler, daughter of Alison Roberta Johnson

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Dear Mom,
I was so thankful to have had such a wonderful Mother-in-law. I can remember when my mother died at such a early age...you looked at me sincerely and said, "I can be your mother." I thought to myself "I want my mama." Over years you really become my Mama - loving and praying for me and my family. You were not the mother-in-law like so many people speak of - intruding into peoples lives - you were always so very kind and gentle with your words to me. I remember trips to our mountain home-which you loved. You suggested to Gary, "when Carolyn retires lets move up here." We were "bed buddies" on the first floor while Gary was completing the upstairs bedroom. WE talked and talked and there were many times when I said "Sh-h - Mom lets go to sleep." Then later as you were not able to speak as much - I did long to hear that voice. I remember when we had a graduation party for Barak from ASU - our whole family was down the hill roasting marshmellows over a fire etc, while you thought it best for to stay in the mountain house. Barak said," No - you are going where the party is." Dwayne, Barak and Matt carried you,in your wheel chair, to the bottom of the hill which happened to be steep. The memory is fresh in my mind - you looked like a Queen in her chariot. Pat and Jerry wrapped you up with blankets to keep warm and you sat there with a smile on your face---enjoying every minute of the celebration. You are now in the arms of our blessed Lord -You are TALKING and walking around with your loved ones. Jesus is taking care of you in the warmth of His love. I love you.
-- Daughter-in-law of Zelda Sechler Cline

We found this which she had written in a Mothers Day card and sent to her own mother. I cannot think of a more accurate description of her ownself.

'To the sweetest Mother in the world-I'll never forget your gentle love, throughout the day things come to mind that you have done or said, either when I was a child or after I had become a woman, and they always lift my spirit and make me smile. I only hope I am as good a mother as you. Love always, Wanda.'

She need not have worried about being as good a mother. She was that and more. I too will love you always Mom. Lloyd.
-- Lloyd, son of Wanda Laverne Herring

As I sit and cry out for my mother, my mom, and this heartbreaking loss, I remember her giving us all koolaid on many hot summer's days while rehearsing for plays and playing baseball outside. She was magnificent. I am her grieving daughter, Patti. My mom was the greatest. I cannot believe that she is gone. Thanks for the posts!
-- Patti, daughter of Eleanor B. Story

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Good morning momma..just wanna let you know how much we all miss you here in this house. I especially miss getting up with you to have our morning coffee together and talk about what we going to do for the day. Sometimes I sit in my rocking chair and just put my head back and think about ALL the goofey things we did together and the laughs...man did we laugh...I really miss that. The kids miss you too. We ALWAYS have Nana stories. The girls are going to be 19 on Monday and they have boyfriends...now that would have made you say "WHAT" or "what you talking bout Willis"...funny stuff like that is what I miss. I love you and think about you everyday and wonder how you were able to manage all of us and be the best mom ever...when I grow up I wanna be just like you!!! Love you-Miss you!!!!

-- Patricia Taborn, daughter of Otilia Malave-Morales

Mom a whole year has passed, sometimes it feels like just yesterday when you and I were having a morning laugh together doing the soduko. Other times it feels like an eternity since I last saw your smiling face and got to say I love you. I think of you every day and miss you more than you will ever know. You were the best mom ever. I know you are in Heaven now watching over us. Know that you will never be forgotten. We will always love and cherish your memory. Love Your Son George
-- George Michels, son of Annie Michels (Potesta)

The Essence of my Mother

The one who encouraged me when I had no strength.
The one who believed in me when I had nothing left.
The one who always listened when no one else would.
The one who always cared when no one else could.
The one who made it her duty to nurture, love, and cherish.
The one who continued whether life threw lemons or riches.
The one who prayed for me whatever the circumstance; big or small.
The one who watched me grow from nothing to the great woman she raised me to be.
The only mother that I ever knew.
The one that helped me through my tests and trials.
The one who loved me unconditionally no matter what I said and did.

My mother was the woman who…
Put me before herself
Loved me despite my flaws
Listened to every word I had to say
Disciplined me when necessary
Played with me when I was bored
Kept me company when I was lonely
Taught me the fundamentals of life
Trained me to be independent

My mother was the woman who…
Told me to respect myself so others would
Showed me the importance of having an education
Nourished my body, mind, and soul
Laughed at all my jokes
Tasted all my creations
Gave me all she had
Made sure I represented her and I well
Did not put up with nonsense
Was my partner in crime, ride or die
Watched television with me
Means the world to me

My mother was the woman who…
Fed the homeless with her best dishes
Clothed the needy with lovely outfits
Instilled the fear of God in me
Made a platter of macaroni within minutes
Was a strong prayer warrior
Humbled herself before God and others
Understood that Christianity did not end at home
Displayed the meaning of being a woman of God in ALL that she did

My mother…
My hope, love, and strength
My courage, best friend, and sister
My spiritual leader, counselor, and caretaker
My everything and I will cherish and remember her till the end of time

-- Laguerda Y. Isma, daughter of Marie Celestin

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Dear Mom,
I miss you every day! I am so grateful to have had you in my life for so long. You taught me so much by your example. You were so open with your love and affection for everyone. So forgiving and kind to all. You took such pleasure from all the simple things in life. All the small miracles, a sunny day, a bird's song, a flower in bloom. You made me laugh like no one else could. You were such a good story teller and fun person to be with. I hope you knew in life how very loved you were. How very special you were. How many, many lives you enriched through your gentle way. You were a very humble person and gave all credit to God. You have made God and all of us very proud. I love you mom. You will always be with me in my heart. Your Geri
-- Geri, daughter of Nettie Lopez

I love you and I will miss you dearly. You were not only my stepmother, but a wonderful and loving friend. I will miss all of the good times we shared. I will always cherish your memory knowing I had a woman in my life who loved me as though I were her own. I love you Rose, but I know you are in a better place with no suffering. May God take care of you. Your Daughter.
-- Pamela Irwin Stewart, stepdaughter of Rosemary Howell

Mommy...I can hardly believe that you've left us. For 2 years you fought so hard and made me prouder than you'll ever know. I promise you that I will do my best to help Kaitlyn along the way, the way that you helped me for almost 25 years. You showed me how to be selfless and be giving of myself through my talents and strengths. You are the strongest person that I've ever known and I wanted to thank you for being the best mother that a daughter could ever ask for. Not only were and are you my mother, you've been my best friend too. I love you...Love, Erin
-- Janet Samoska, daughter of Kathryn Toscano

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