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Ronald Maynor Obituary

A photo of Ronald Maynor hangs on the wall above the ice cream freezer of the convenience store run by Kathy Duncan. He is fresh-faced and grinning, wearing camouflage and holding the head of a freshly shot deer.

Duncan's daughter, 29-year-old Nichole Howell, was in high school with Maynor and knows both him and his wife, Helen.

"He's one of the best people you could ever meet. You've never heard anyone say anything bad about him," Howell says, bursting into tears.

Maynor and his wife have two small children, one in the fourth grade and one about 2. Helen Maynor has a MySpace page, Howell says, where she raves about her family and marrying her dream man.

"He and his wife are just so much in love."

Ronald Maynor was one of 29 miners killed April 5, 2010 by a huge explosion in an underground coal mine owned by Massey Energy Co. in West Virginia - the worst U.S. mining disaster since 1970.

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