Sandra Rowley Woodard

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In Memory of
Sandra Rowley Woodard
Sept. 14, 1943 to Sept. 23, 2016

Wife of Grover C. "Woody"
Woodward III, Mother of Tom, Kim, Michael, Deb, Jason & Brandon, Sister of Rob, Jay &Marc.
To Sandy, My Loving Wife,
It has been a year since you completed life's journey here on earth and answered God's call to join him in heaven. I am sure that your reunion with those of our family that had gone on ahead of you was absolutely wonderful. Those of us that remained behind have sorely missed your sweet smile and your wonderful loving, caring ways and I, your husband, probably more than any. Each and every day I miss you and long for your sweet kisses, warm hugs, loving companionship and beautiful singing voice. Since you have departed I have spent much time thinking of you and missing you every minute of every day. As I have stumbled and bumbled my way through life I met a great variety of people, each unique in their own way, some absolutely great and others not quite making that mark. But when the good Lord sent you to me, I knew that you were the greatest of them all. Never once in our 45 plus years, did I ever see you seek to be in the lime light or waiver from your core values. At very center and foremost to you was always the unconditional love for our 6 children and family (which includes those you considered part of our family), everything that you did and all that you thought about revolved around them/us. One of your primary goals was to instill in each of our children/grandchildren your core values and you were always very proud of each of them. You had your very own unique and special, loving relationship with each of our children and grandchildren. Your happiest days were when they were all here at home when you could cook and nurture each one. Your ultimate wish was always for each member of our family to have the same unconditional love for each other that you had for each of them. You were a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend. You had the unique talent of reading and understanding people from the minute you met them. You were the person that all seemed drawn to and were loved by all that you met. Someday when God is ready for me to come home, I hope, with all my heart, that we will be reunited for eternity. I loved you from day one and will always LOVE YOU.
Published in The Aiken Standard and North Augusta Star on Sept. 23, 2017