7-15-86 12-2-2006
Missing Jake

I don't know if you are surprised by it Jake, but we all still miss and love you so much. The holidays heighten the sense of your absence. You were so much fun at this time of year. Your entire family loved being with you, with your humor and the skillful, almost tender, way you engaged us. You looked at the best parts of life and took joy in sharing them. You loved the traditions that go along with this season. You shared yourself with us effortlessly, making us all feel better when you were around. We miss you Jake, with all our hearts, and we dream the impossible; that on Christmas morning you pull up in your Ford Taurus, with your back seat filled with books and papers, a smile on your face, looking forward to being with us and your friends, sharing the joy of the season. You can't be here in person this Christmas, but rest assured Jake we will feel you presence. Love and Peace

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Published in The Arizona Republic on Dec. 2, 2013