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Ben Batey In Memoriam

A Life Well Lived In the famous play, "Julius Caesar", Mark Antony gives a speech. He says that the evil men do lives after them and that the good is often interred (buried) with their bones. I answer to that observation---not always---not always. I personally have witnessed many life that refute him. The life of Ben Batey is one of them.

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the day Parkinson's Dementia completed its attack and took Ben from this world. For me they have been years of work, loss and adjustments. I have continued on with one goal. That is to honor the life of one worked hard, worked smart, and personally lived modestly.

Because of Ben, some adorable children improved their attendance in order to have a chance to win a new bike for summer. More days in school-more success. Because of Ben, some talented college students received tools to perform better on graduate entrance tests, and more were accepted. Because of Ben's long time support of the "BEST PROGRAM", we had a wonderful 25th celebration of successes. They will continue because of Ben Batey. We shall begin the careful search to find the most fruitful investment in research to defeat dementia, especially Parkinson's.

I hope Ben will forgive me for putting him in the spotlight. He always avoided it, but his life deserves it, and I trust it is an encouragement to the many people whom I personally know who will leave the world a better place.

Again, my answer to Mark Antony is, "stop by Bakersfield." Learn of good lives that live on. I will always love you, Ben. GB

Published in Bakersfield Californian on July 31, 2016
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