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Lois Maxine Nicholson Davis Obituary
Lois Maxine Nicholson Davis "Max" March 3, 1925 - May 19, 2013 Max was born in Taft, CA to William "Billie" and Marguerite "Peggy" Nicholson. Her sister Helen Lucille (Phillips) was 5. Lucille called her "Sister," a name that followed her for a lifetime (even at 88 her nephew Robert Douglas Phillips and niece Carol Stigall would introduce her as 'This is my aunt Sister'). Peggy's maternal aunt Mert Stiers, a Christian Science Practitioner told her that this child would be a gift and a joy to her for her whole life. Throughout her life Mom loved to sing along to the radio or stereo. She and her mother loved to sit outside on a lawn swing and sing songs and hymns, sometimes until the neighbors nicely asked if they could do so a little more quietly. Max was a true extrovert and appreciated and provided humor her whole life. She was many people's "Most Unforgettable Character:" family, friends, and even acquaintances like neighbors and store clerks. Max met and married Wally Davis in Taft in 1945 while he was in the Army Air Corps at Gardener Field. It was "Kismet" and they were crazy about each other from the start to the very end. Mom said her life was charmed because she got to marry the man of her dreams; have children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren; enjoyed good health, good relatives and friends; and she felt that she never wanted for anything. Research is now showing how powerful gratefulness in one's life is for health and happiness. Mom was grateful for all of the good things in her life and stated this almost daily, and thanked God regularly (on her knees for as long as she was able to). Even with the onset of Alzheimers she would tell everyone that "I have had a wonderful life," even at her fuzziest and with an earnestness that you could see on her face and in her demeanor. It was such a gift and comforted us greatly. This gratefulness and her humor even in the worst of situations are her legacy and will always come to everyone's mind when they think of her. She was strong physically, didn't have pain, never complained, and was always able to do her witty comebacks. At one appointment when Ron was answering the doctor's questions, Mom said, "Why are you talking to him? I'm the patient." Mom had premature identical twin boys on Nov. 13, 1945 (Ronald Dee and Donald Lee) followed by daughter (Peggy Adair) on Oct. 15, 1946-three children in 12 months! Formula was kept in an icebox that used block ice, and cloth diapers and clothes were washed on a hand cranked washer and air dried on strings and racks. She was so madly in love with our dad that she still found time for practical jokes, never complained about their meager circumstances, and joyfully kissed him good bye and welcome home every day of their marriage. Even late in life it was not unusual to walk in and find them dancing to the stereo, just the two of them, and for no special reason. Mom was a natural hostess and could turn any dinner into a party with little or no notice, which was great for Dad's business. She was just as accommodating to our teenage friends who felt perfectly comfortable visiting with Mom if we weren't home. Mom was so gregarious that she was never inconvenienced by people dropping by. Wally passed suddenly on Dec. 29, 1993 and Mom has missed him every day. When she finally needed help at home, daughter Peggy assisted in every way she could, arranging help at the house, taking her to doctor appointments, hair appointments, and as well as visits to Taft to get her out of the house, talking the whole trip about the family and good times there. Mom hated needing help, but was so thrilled with the time she got to spend with overnight stays by her grandchildren Lisa and Marty, and great grandchildren Kearstyn, Kameron, and Karson. To her it was like they were having slumber parties. Kameron even spent some nights with Mom in the hospital and was very reliable and attentive. He had been so observant of her conditions that he became like a professional at knowing when to call for help. Don flew out and stayed one week with her to help, even doctoring a bed sore. He and Ron sent beautiful flowers for every occasion for probably 30 years. Megan, Patty, and Deb brought food and cute clothes to keep her spirits up. Marty's sister's-in-law Sami and Myra also worked hard and long to help Mom. Neighbors Phil and Nancy Arone, Charles and Leslie Richards and Ruby looked out for Mom like family. Son Ron did an angel's work in her last 8 months by overseeing Mom's hospital and medical needs with no thought to his own needs, including taking late night calls from the hospital and getting up immediately and driving from Nipomo to Bakersfield when called. He attended and oversaw monthly assessment meetings, and accompanied her to every doctor's appointment. He was endlessly gentle and patient with Mom, and she was mellowed with the son's love and felt supported and secure with him. I believe that Mom committed her last loving act as a mother and grandmother by holding on long enough with superhuman ability, knowingly, willfully and with God's help to pass only minutes after son Ron and granddaughter Lisa left her Sunday after spending the whole weekend with her talking, joking, and telling funny family stories to her, as well as keeping family updated on her tenuous condition. She just laid back and peacefully passed. I believe she wanted us all to remember her as she had lived. After Mom passed, Lisa said she had instantly envisioned them together, dancing and Grandpa saying to Grandma, "What took you so long?" Max is survived by sons Ron Davis (wife Deb) of Nipomo; Don Davis (wife Caryn) of Granbury, TX;; daughter Peggy Williams; grandchildren Lisa Marie Gilbert (Kirk), Patty Dee Baker (Tony); Brent Neil Davis (deceased); Brad Davis; Martin Scott "Marty" Williams (Yoli); Cameron Davis of TX; Matt Davis (Amanda) of TX; great grandchildren Megan Dominguez; Kearstyn, Kameron, and Karson Gilbert; John Calvin Davis of TX; and Bella Tigerlily Williams; niece Carol Stigall (Mark) of Taft and nephew Robert Douglas Phillips of Dustin Acres who were outstanding about calling, visiting, and lunching right up until the end. Services are Thursday May 23, at 10:00 a.m. at Greenlawn Southwest, large chapel. Visitation is at 9:00 a.m. Thursday. www.bakersfield.com/obits
Published in Bakersfield Californian from May 22 to May 23, 2013
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