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Paul Duane Moore Obituary
It is with deep and heavy sadness that we mourn the loss of the world's greatest Dad, Paul Duane Moore, who passed on April 14th, 2014, at his residence in Bakersfield, California. Paul was born to Joe and Hazel Moore in Denver, Colorado on October 11, 1941. He was the fifth born child of five siblings, Chuck, Betty, Skip, Daryl, Barbara and also two half brothers Rick and Leroy. Dad's family moved to California around 1944. As a young boy, too young to attend school with his siblings, Dad accompanied his father into the fields, who worked as a migrant worker, picking potatoes and cotton (making only 6 cents per 55 lbs. a bag). Due to harsh conditions, Dad only completed 8th grade education and joined the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Infantry Division at the age of 15, but was soon discharged due to age. He later re-joined in 1960.
Growing up as a teenager, Dad worked on farms and driving trucks. His first boss helped him obtain his commercial driver's license and Dad became an official truck driver at the age of seventeen.
As a young adult, Dad went to work with his older brother Skip, as a framer.
In 1963, Dad met Carol Jean Kelley in Galt, CA and in 1968 their daughter Paula Jean joined their family. One day, they decided to take a Vegas vacation in a motor home, with their family and friends Skip, Kat, Bob, and Barbara. Dad and Carol snuck out one evening and got hitched (which surprised the family as everyone already thought that they were married).
Shortly thereafter, Dad became a Contractor; building apartments and houses. This is what Dad loved to do, to create something grand and beautiful with his bare hands.
In 1973, Dad became widowed but continued to work hard to make a better
In 1975, Dad formed "Moore Brother's Construction," with his brother Chuck. He had a close relationship with all his siblings yet a special bond with all his brothers. He had fond memories of spending time at Pismo Beach with his brothers & family, riding three wheelers & roasting marshmallows over an open fire at night. You could always find dad with his favorite drink in hand (a nice cold beer, Coors Lite to be exact).
Dad's brother Rick introduced him to a beautiful lady from Turkiye, Tulin Isik. They soon married and Dad was blessed with a new son as he adopted Tulin's child, Michael.
In 1981, Dad went to work for the union as a contractor, where he worked on grand projects, such as big luxury hotels. Unfortunately, during this time, Dad became injured on the job; therefore, he decided to go back to school in San Jose, CA to train as a Building Inspector/ Engineer. Through perseverance and pure dedication, Dad obtained both degrees with honors and obtained a job with the City of Madera as a Building Inspector, where he worked for five years.
Following this, Dad moved to Lake Havasu, AZ for another job opportunity as a Building Inspector. However, this was short lived when he was run out of town for being too "Code Compliant," meaning that the rules were important to enforce unless they pertained to him. Dad then moved back to Bakersfield but spent most of his time in Lamour as he worked for the U.S. Navy as a Quality Control Manager. Dad shared that the Navy loved him because he was tough, structured, and expected everyone to do their jobs; as he enforced all of the rules. However, once he got in some hot water with the commander of the base, when he was observed drag racing, in the company vehicle, on one of the parallel runways, with an F18 fighter jet.
In 1993, Dad reunited with Sharon George, who he had known since the 60's; they married in 2001.
In 2004, Dad finally retired at age 64.
Going down memory lane, Dad had many hobbies and interests and some of them were like being strapped on a wild roller coaster ride with no harnesses. He was fearless and spontaneous in every essence. Remembering vividly, there were times when Dad use to take life by the horns and never look back. Dad's personhood was also evidenced by his random moments of adventures. Sometimes, he would just plot a course to take a trip to Mexico just to see a bullfight and have some authentic Mexican food (he love his beans, tortillas, and tacos and always had to add a splash of Tapatio sauce). Other times, Dad would hop on his motorcycle and ride for hours with no final destination, but just for the purpose of seeing the sun set in another state. He was also a world traveler, where he visited many countries, including Turkey, Canada, France and Germany. Dad instilled good values and integrity in all aspects in life. He didn't show his emotions very often, but was a very compassionate person, who loved to give hugs and used loving words during times of encouragement. Dad was also a brilliant engineer, building inspector and a war vet. Before retiring, he spent most of his life pursuing the things he enjoyed seeking new life adventures. In retirement, he mostly enjoyed spending time with his best friend, Jasper, a sweet, loving black lab. He also loved watching and reading old westerns, playing golf, and gardening.
To sum up Dad's qualities, it would be that he was one of the most loving, generous, and kind hearted fathers that anyone would yearn to have. He lived a free spirited life and will be sorely missed in all of our lives.
He is survived by his wife Sharon Moore, (Bakersfield, CA), Daughter Paula Johnson, (Grants Pass, OR), Son, Tulu Moore (Seattle, WA), Son, Kevin Moore, Grandchildren: Brittany Reyes-Clough, Brendon Reyes, Leila Moore, Sister, Barbara Heald (Newnan, GA), Brother, Leroy Stegner (Fontana, CA), Brother, Rick Martin (Prunedale, CA).
Published in Bakersfield Californian on Apr. 25, 2014
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