Robert S. Green

1969 - 1994 In Memoriam Condolences
In Loving Memory of Robert S. Green October 30, 1969 - March 27, 1994 (Gerry Crawford's Son) Time seems to go by so fast now as I get older. Yesterday was your birthday, now I'm really old and forgetful. Happy Birthday Son, I miss you so very much. Still hard for me at times. Wish we could all be a family again. You left and broke my heart. It's been 18 years since you left, I will never ever forget the day they told me and all these years after. I wish things were different. Went to Monique's (your niece) graduation, it was very beautiful. Spent some time with her and what her plans are for the future. She got a 4.1 and is enrolled in college. I am very proud of her. I say her parents played a great roll in where she is today. The eastern states are having a difficult time. Hurricane Sandie is very bad, had some deaths, missing people, state under water and planes and transits are all out. I feel for those people and this will cost us in the billions. The elections are less than a week away and I hope we have a new change. The way it is now, it is not working. Time will tell. Work is good, yes, I'm still working. Did you think just because I am old, I would quit? I feel young, don't look my age, and hope to go just a little longer. Went to Carol and Don's Halloween party as always it was great. That Henry, couldn't have it without him, he was the party. He was our unpaid entertainment. Also our new friends, Ron and Juanita came from out of town (Taft that is). They laughed so hard and really enjoyed themselves. It is that time again, sorry this didn't get out on your birthday. Remembered to late to put in, hope you are doing well. Say hello to Grandmother and both Joes. See you today after work. Love Always, Mom www.bakersfield.com/obits
Published in Bakersfield Californian on Oct. 31, 2012
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