Roger D. Matzke

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Roger D. Matzke In Memoriam

Today is our 13 years without you. It still feels like yesterday.

Connor is in high school. He played football and J. was his coach. It was incredible. Viejo I know you are proud of the boys. Darn it you should have been here but I know you are watching over them. Connor was busy with baseball, basketball and was still able to keep his grades perfect.

Sophia played volleyball and basketball in school, on her "free" time she dances. She is an artist on the dance floor. She is a multiple award winning student in school. She'll be in 8th grade. She has gotten taller and more beautiful.

Kate is in 4th grade now. She keeps busy with dance and constantly learning some new flips, dance moves and any athletic thing. She is on top of it. She did sports in school and with all that her grades are perfect.

With the oil industry in crisis this year J. is working hard to keep things going. Remember when you had to do it in "85"? He is just like you, always working on something to better things. He keeps this family going with love, dedication just like you did, I am so thankful.

Jill is busy with home and children. I think she would be an UBER driver. LOL. Being a mom, there is no paycheck but it comes with lots of love. She is great at it. It's good having Mary and Wayne here. Can't imagine what you 2 would be up to. Peggy is retired. I'm sure she will be doing something every day.

Viejo, continue to watch over us ok? We will always love you and miss you. I'm very grateful for every minute I have with our son, daught-in-law and our grandchildren.

Love, Ruby, J., Jill, Connor, Sophia, and Kate.

Published in Bakersfield Californian on July 16, 2016
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