Don Allen Frost

Don Allen Frost died February 5, 2013 at the VA Hospital in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was 52. He is survived by his father Don Frost, his mother Frankie Jordan, sister Teri Frost Royer , half-sister Michelle Frost Tolar, half-sister Alicia Jordan Macia, sons Scott Frost and Colton Frost, daughter Natalie Lapinskas, 4 grandchildren. He had a sister Sherri Frost Thompson who died in 2009. He attended Forest Park High School in Beaumont, Texas. He did a short stint in the U.S. Air Force. He worked in construction most of his life and had at other times worked with helping the needy and homeless. He is well remembered in the Pensacola, Florida area for his work with the Butter Front Mission. He loved fishing. Don had some interesting approaches to life. Here are a couple of stories: Mom, why are some dogs called mutts and some are registered? Mom replied, If a dog is registered it has papers or credentials. A mutt doesn't. After school one day he brought home a friend and said, Mom. His mother is a nurse, but, she's not a mutt. She's registered One day we went to an Astros game in Houston. We visited the Astro Hall before the game. There were some exhibits from some local merchants inside the hall. There were pianos and organs on exhibit. He walked up, sat down at the organ, and started to play. People gathered around to listen. His mom never knew he could play a keyboard of any type. He'd never had lessons. Later in life, he played most any instrument he wanted. He was particularly proficient with the harmonica. Please make donations to help the homeless or to .

Published in The Beaumont Enterprise on Feb. 17, 2013