Mary E. Trump

In Loving Memory of
Mary E. Trump
9/26/1930 - 12/12/2011
The calendar reminds me that a year ago today you left this place for a new and better one, Heaven. When you slipped into glory, you left a broken body and leaped into the arms of your Savior, Jesus Christ in a new one. However, for me each passing day just feels like another hour in eternity. My heart is empty and continues to hurt and the tears flow freely. Each day I wake hoping that the previous day was a bad dream and you would still be here. But as I
begin the day I realize you are not here. No matter what I do or where I go, nothing seems right anymore and the pain and tears intensify. I miss your great smile that radiated the love of Jesus, the laughs we had as we watched the squirrels in the front year and me calling you my 'Little Bo Peep', the talks we had, and the times you just wanted to ride along as I ran errands. All these things seemed trivial before, but now are precious memories. I never realized what being alone meant until the day you left.

I know you are in a much better place now and are with Jesus. I long for the day when we will see each other again and celebrate around the throne of God. But for now, rest in the arms of our Savior and know that you are greatly loved and missed. I thank you for all the treasured times and memories that you shared and left behind to help me remember you as a Godly mother and friend.
Your Loving Son, Jeff

Published in The Repository on Dec. 12, 2012