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Frank Urwin, Donald Roseman and Kenneth Arnold

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In Memory

Frank Urwin, Donald Roseman and Kenneth Arnold
Gone but no forgotten

It was a rainy November night
I remember oh so well.
Christmas on my mind, when the night became a living hell.
The La Cusina was set a fire,
fireman were on the call.
Not long after four fireman were trapped beneath a wall.
A dreary night turned deadly
when 3 of 4 lost their life.
Each leaving behind their family, friends, children and wife. Our community surrounded their
families with love to try to help
ease their pain.
The way these men lost their life was nothing but insane.
Urwin, Roseman and Arnold were heroes that died that Nov. night.
To this day it makes no sense, a darkness that sheds no light.
33 years have come and gone but the memories never fade away.
They're gone but not forgotten,
for their families I still pray.
As we enter this Christmas season remember there is no greater love than to lay down your life
for a friend.
We count our many blessings for these men of courage on whom
we could depend.
All firefighters, police and military are more to just name a few,
willing to die while on duty for
people like me and you.
Christmas time is a time of joy which can quickly turn to sorrow.
In their memory I would ask, share your love with everyone everyday. Love as there is no tomorrow.
For your sacrifice we thank you.

Love conquers all
Published in The Repository on Dec. 3, 2008
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