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The email address for The Citizens' Voice obituaries and photos is Please include the word "obituary" in the subject line of emails.

The deadline to submit obituaries is 7:30 p.m. Holiday hours may change.

Funeral directors should call the obituary desk at 570-821-2100 to confirm receipt of emails. Calls after 9 p.m. should be directed to the city desk at 570-821-2056.

Scanned photos must have a resolution of at least 500 dpi. The person's head must be at least 2 inches wide and have at least a half-inch of space on each side. The photos should be sent as jpegs or tiffs.

All photos will be published as thumbnails unless a large photo is specified when the obituary is submitted.

All photos will be cropped unless otherwise specified when the obituary is submitted.

Photos brought into the newspaper on weekends will only be scanned in after 6 p.m.

All obituaries should be in paragraph form with a double space between paragraphs.

Obituaries should be submitted by a funeral home. Private individuals who wish to submit an obituary must provide the name, phone number and address of the funeral home or crematory handling arrangements. The Citizens' Voice will not accept obituaries without funeral home or crematory contact information.

Published in Citizens' Voice on Apr. 7, 2014