Ken Westeren(1959 - 2013)

Ken Westeren
10/31/1959 - 3/23/2013

Ken will be deeply missed by the community and those who knew and loved him. He was a quiet man who loved the outdoors. Cooking was a passion with him; he came alive in the kitchen. He had trained horses, ran a landscaping business, and had many more accomplishments.
He was extremely smart, and it showed outwardly in what he juggled and how he could create anything from nothing. He spoke of the hope he had that his children would remember all the good, all the things they did together or he for them when they were younger. He wanted that to matter to them.
He was a gifted dog handler, trainer and rehabilitation specialist that started at a young age when he was training the family dogs.
He was generous, kind, and always ready to extend a hand to a friend in need. He was a complicated man who liked peace and calm.
He leaves behind his beloved girlfriend, his parents, three children he loved and missed, siblings, an estranged wife, nieces, grandnieces and nephews, and many extended family members.
People may remember seeing him in his black truck with three happy dogs tethered in the back; we would run them with mine and a dog he was rehabbing and have fun.
He made training look so easy. Chapters of his brilliant dog training book were recently sent to his publisher.
His newly formed Sierra Center for Rehabilitation and Training had just completed its second board meeting. We were in the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit. We were actively looking for a facility and living quarters. His plate was full, but with many helping hands.
His dogs Mello the lab, Georgia the beautiful mutt, Jess the beautiful Shepard, my Xmas present to him, separated, but all now in loving homes.
Ken tried hard to control the forces he eventually lost to. We will never know exactly what happened, except that what he suffered from took him from us.
Love you and we will all miss you.
A fine man has passed on.

Published in Gold Country Media Newspapers on Apr. 18, 2013