Gladys Louise Lajoie(1997 - 2013)

HOPKINTON - Gladys Louise Lajoie, 15½ (108 in human years), died outside under the lilacs at her residence in the early evening of May 14, 2013. Gladys passed peacefully to the great field of fetching rocks in the sky, much to the deep sorrow of all who loved her.

Gladys was born on December 7, 1997 in Hillsboro, NH, one of 10 in a litter of fat, roly-poly, rollicking black and white puppies. Gladys crawled into Carol Leonard's lap to lick some cheeseburger grease off Carol's hand, and then curled up and fell sound asleep. Gladys was named after Carol's notorious Great Aunt Gladys whom Carol admired as a child for her Aunt's amazing ability to perfectly pencil on her thin eyebrow lines.

Gladys Louise Lajoie grew to be an upstanding, conscientious dog. She became a construction worker at the early age of one and was a most valued asset to the crew. She was employed by Tom Lajoie Construction and never missed a day of work for 15 years. She rode shotgun with Tom in the Dragon Wagon every day to the many job sites in central NH. She greeted visitors and workers to the sites and checked their credentials. She made sure all employees were safe and accounted for-and checked out their snacks at lunch.

Gladys was an avid rock fetcher with an incredible talent for locating the correct rock underwater. She retired from the construction business in her last year and spent her time lying outside in the shade, riding in Carol's car and checking out the compost heap for new and interesting stuff. In her last year, Gladys was stone deaf due to not wearing hearing protection on the job. When she barked to clear the back field of possible vermin, her bark was unbelievably monotone.

Gladys's favorite place to be in the whole world was Carol and Tom's farm in Maine. Just two days prior to her death, Gladys made several trips from Camp Kwitchabitchin all the way out to the barn to see what the hell Tom was up to now.

Gladys was a wonderful, funny, brave dog who will always have a bright place in our hearts.

There will be an internment service Saturday, May 25, at 2 p.m. at Bad Beaver Farm in Ellsworth, Maine.


Published in The Concord Monitor on May 17, 2013